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What is Achiever's 1
-Year Plan?

As you work towards your goals, do you ever find yourself unfocused or nudged off course?
Do you want to achieve more? Do you want better relationships?
The Achiever's 1-Year Plan will be a consistent voice nudging you in the right course.
Achiever's 1-Yr Plan for Individuals

Take charge your life. This complete, in-depth process will improve your skills, build your business, motivate your team,
set goals and achieve!

A Complete Learning Guide

Achieve the Life You Deserve with our 1-Year Achiever's Plan.

Month 1:   Personal Mastery (creative flexibility), Assessment and Balance
Month 2:   Effective Goal Planning to Get Things Done and Make A Difference in the World
Month 3:   Improve Communication Skills and Learn Effective Conflict Management
Month 4:   Stress and Time Management
Month 5:   Overcome Life's Traps
Month 6:   Leadership and Management
Month 7:   Developing the Right Mindset
Month 8:   How to Build A Strong Team
Month 9:   How to Build a Network
Month 10: Setting Boundaries
Month 11: Living Life Free of Excuses
Month 12: Developing the X Factor in Life... now on your way to greater achievement!

For more details, contact us at 1 (800) 792-1262 or info@curtisjsteen.com


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