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5 Step Module Business Development Process
If You Are A Large Corporation or a Small Business you can have these types of results implementing this facilitated module:
Increased revenues, increased profits, improved morale and decreased stress; reduced unwanted turnover to 0% and increased productivity for the entire organization.

This Business Development Process is more effective altogether but we do have multiple businesses that hire us for a step or even a portion of a step.

Here are the five basic principles for success.

Step #1: An Assessment of Current Reality
Step #2: People (Interpersonal Training)
Step #3: Direction (Visionary Strategic Planning)
Step #4: Efficiency (Organizational Systems and Structure)

Step #5: Effective Marketing (Growth or Delivery)

This process works really well. Why? Simply because we're giving attention to the basic principles of success in an effective and appropriate sequence.

You may be fairly happy with your success thus far and are simply looking for a way to increase that success. Others may be tired of hitting their head against the proverbial brick wall and are looking for the tools to turn things around. In either case, these principles are the answer. After going through the process, all the participants have found people working much more smoothly, efficiently, and with a higher level of morale accompanied by decreased stress. All this happens because of the simple yet powerful principles in the process.

We have worked with hospitals, investment firms, physician offices, dental offices, printing firms, and other organizations. The process works for any type of organization. Since the steps we walk you through are the basic laws or principles that govern success for any group of people, the process will work for you too.

Where does the success come from?

What we are teaching and the practices we implement come from simple, age-old truths. These principles are the natural laws of success for groups of people working together. What causes such dramatic results then? Our research shows it is not what is done, it's more how these principles and processes are applied and uniquely implemented specific to your organization's needs and culture that makes the difference. Basically the magic comes from three things:

  • The caring, engaging delivery of our consultants. We become a part of your team. We don't just give you information. Rather, we ensure success by giving you the specific implementation suggestions unique to your firm.

  • The sequence of the steps. We've found the sequence of these steps very important. There's even a difficulty in implementing a next step when a previous step has not been fully launched. Each step is important and sets a foundation for the next step.

  • Focusing on and giving attention to all the principles that are sometimes taken for granted or left undone. Often, especially in recently successful firms, people forget to give attention to the basic laws of success. This will eventually cause a decline in growth or success. Our process continues to focus on the basics while implementing other necessary tools and practices.

Though we do "ala carte" training, consulting, coaching, but the power comes from the complete process. This process helps to ensure success because of the length of time allowed for us to ensure implementation. It is a systemic approach causing long lasting success.

So the process works...Let me tell you more specifically how it works during each step. The dynamics and processes are the same for small and large firms. However, a larger firm has more complexities than a small firm does. This usually translates into more time needed for each step in larger firms. Because of the size of a firm or the complexities of a large organization, there also may be some differences in implementation.

“By incorporating what we are learning in this 5-step process, the agents are more productive and efficient.” - Real Estate Firm



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