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Leadership Training


Leadership Workshop Training

Introductory thoughts:

  1. Leadership is a position of influence.

  2. Understand that there is a difference between leadership and management.

  3. Learn the characteristics of an inspirational and motivational leader?

  4. Learn how to develop motivated employees who are loyal and eager to be productive and improve.

  5. Understand different leadership styles.

The Leadership Model
Leadership qualities in an individual include:

Personal Mastery
Interpersonal Communication Skills
The Ability to Facilitate Teamwork
Systems Thinking
Creative Flexibility

Personal Mastery

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses; having a healthy self-esteem; developing a pro-active stance; being confident and secure enough to deal with critical input or negative situations without alienating others; not reacting from stored “baggage;” having a willingness to empower others; maintaining a consistent set of ethics and values; knowing your personal vision. Learn how to change any unwanted behavior, attitude or emotional response.


Interpersonal Communication Skills
Knowing how to read and relate to different people types; being able to inspire, motivate and give clear, clean delegation (leaders have clear contract of expectations --"contract" suggests buy in) ; exhibiting good listening and communication skills; knowing how to have rapport with all who work with and for you. The leader as a coach.


The Ability to Facilitate Teamwork
Enabling people to get the most out of themselves by empowering and equipping individuals while fostering true team dynamics; giving context and purpose to individuals and teams; using effective coaching skills; knowing when to let go. How to create ownership in the organization.


Systems Thinking
Understanding the way different aspects of operations and processes interact, the interconnectedness of decision and behavior; using this information to find leverage points – areas of focus that make the most difference; developing decision-making strategies from a systems thinking perspective; developing effective rewards and recognition systems.


Creative Flexibility
Using creative processes to develop new or quicker ways to respond to needs, conflicts or problems; being flexible as an individual and an organization to respond to internal and external changes; being secure enough to push the envelope.


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