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Stress Management Training (Business)

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Stress Training Program
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Stress is not what you experience in life... it results from your reaction to what you experience. Events, situations, activities, etc. are the stressors we all experience. How we relate to those stressors determines the amount of stress we experience. There will always be stressors in your life and some stress is positive.

The stress training workshop will help your team:

Identify how much stress they’re experiencing,
How they are relating to that stress and how to best manage their stress. Agenda Holmes-
   Rahe Stress test - each person will know how much stress they are experiencing and how to deal   
   with it.
Burn Out Test Score - we will actually test each person's level of stress.
Burnout Remedies - the team will learn ways for immediate stress remedies.
Learn a menu of stress methods to Manage - we give them tools to lower their stress,
   and they... always - work!

Other Benefits:
Your team will learn additional stress prevention and reduction methods, for example; they will learn having a clear expectation and direction helps. Or, developing recognition and reward systems, or taking regular breaks, and/or understanding that people are different and they're not out to get them are just a few examples of stress prevention techniques.

Your team will develop an action plan for stress reduction and prevention. The team will discover what works best for them in dealing with their stress.

For more information about our Stress Management Program call 1(800) 792-1262



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