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Team Building

Team Building Training Overview  

Here is some basic information about our 8-hour day team building workshop seminar. There are a variety of time frames and formats to meet your time and budget needs. For example, a hour-and-a-half training is effective, but covers less information.

Team Training Information:  

Our Team Training day includes teachings on relentless accountability, how high performing teams function, how to invoke trust on a team, how to delegate effectively and how to leverage the amount of work performed through alignment, learning from other teams and efficient systems.  

The Secrets to Create High Performing Teams         

  • Learn the five steps necessary to create high performing teamwork
  • Understand how some organizations have little turnover and how you can create that kind of environment too.
  • Find out how properly structured team dynamics help people do what formerly seemed impossible

Become one of the few organizations in America that possess true, high-performing team dynamics. In America, the true dynamics and incredible accomplishments of a high performing team have been lost. The reason? Words like “teamwork” and “team” are so overused and misapplied. The “how to be a team” processes are lost in managers simply telling their staff to be a team. This session will go beyond (way beyond) the “telling” and show you the “doing” – the “how to’s”.

At the end of this session you will know why teamwork is powerful, how to create it and what you can expect from a high performing team. The companies we have worked with, from Morgan Stanley to small wine delivery shops, have found how successful this kind of knowledge and training can be.  

Corporate Team Training Day Seminar  

On a training day, you and your staff will learn how to…

  • Increase morale
  • Develop a greater loyalty that translates into less turnover
  • Increase productivity
  • Utilize creative problem solving
  • Develop shared responsibility for the project or work process
  • Have people work together in collaborative synergy
  • Increase personal initiative and motivation

You and your team will develop these team dynamics by learning these skills…

  • Basic team ingredients
  • Who is on the team?
  • How to take a group of individuals and turn them into a true team
  • The leader’s role is on a team
  • How to give the team purpose, context and the “big picture” to give inspiration and motivation to each person on the team
  • How to facilitate synergistic, collaborative, decision-making and problem solving
  • How to develop trust and respect among the team members
  • How to develop trust and respect for the team leader and how to share functional leadership
  • How to have candid communication and team problem solving
  • How to have shared responsibility for accomplishing a common goal
  • How to work together in synergy
  • Once you have teamwork, how to do team building and how to rate whether the team is functioning with true team dynamics or not

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