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Topics include: communication, teamwork, stress, goals, improvement, motivation, & more


Creating lasting Results

Helping to create engaging, productive and profitable organizations.

Boost your business with our training workshops that are powerful and life-changing. You and your employees will learn content that educates, motivates and lasts. Our training programs include topics such as team building skills, leadership skills , communication training, no excuse living, conflict , time management, motivation, stress workshops, presentations training and more. Book our training day seminars, from an hour to a full day, to inspire better productivity.

communication training

your team will learn how to get along better and be more productive.

training and workshops

Fun, engaging training workshops improve morale, productivity, leadership and profits.

These fun training workshops help your team hone in on their skills. Improve morale, increase productivity and develop synergy among the team.  Our Team Building Training brings cohesion among the team and creates positive results from that moment. Our communication training workshop will help you and your team develop skills that will improve not only your productivity at work but also strengthen the relationships within the business. The techniques your team will learn are useful and practical and will create immediate results.

Improve teamwork

your team will improve morale, productivity, build trust, and increase profits.

online content library – TMS System

Grow Your Business with this Powerful Management System

Truby Management System (TMS) is a Leadership and Management System focused on People. Grow your business, create a high-performing team and become a confident, successful leader. Watch the TMS Revealed Video Now: Grab some paper to take notes. In this 65-minute video, you’ll learn the Power of Mind Shift, a Leadership Mindset. Learn about the Eight Steps in the TMS, the Ancient Wisdom in the Truby Management System and the Power in the Leadership Role. Carve out the time to watch the TMS Revealed and these 65 minutes.

Improve your business for good with our Management System!

Feel free to call us to schedule a free consultation. Or, click here for video (you will be redirected to my parents website)

Build Leaders and Managers

A precise management system your leaders put into practice. Success starts at the top. No one can rise above the attitude, behavior and work ethics of your leadership. Change how you lead and manage…it changes the company.

Improve Operations

TMS works for an entire business, leading a department, or managing a small team. In all cases, this system propels your company into greater success – success you deserve.

See Results

Contains ancient wisdom, implemented in eight simple steps, proven to give quick results. When this system is used, profits increase, efficiency increases, morale increases, and it’s all done with an ease never experienced before.

Are you a frustrated leader or business owner?

Then you can relate to what leaders tell us all the time…

My personal time is eaten up by people problems and business frustrations. I have to take work home all the time. “What to do?” keeps me up at night. I’m working so hard and my business (or team) is putting out a lot of effort – but the profits and benefits just don’t seem to measure up. I’m constantly having to follow up with people and make sure they do their job. And they are constantly making the same mistakes, bringing up the same issues, and just don’t take initiative to contribute a solution. It’s all up to me! And, if truth be told, I don’t have the confidence I need to know what to do. 

And are you…

Tired of people not being accountable?
Tired of spending so much time managing others you sacrifice your time?
Tired of working so hard and making so little?


TEam building Training

Improve accountability, productivity, learning, trust, morale and profits.

$159 investment

/60 minute | one-time investment

normally $250


Improve your leadership skills, accomplish more, get motivated, be more fulfilled.

Free consultation

/30 minute free session

life or business coaching

Communication Training

Improve your team’s interaction, effectiveness and help them get along better.

$159 investment

/60 minute | one-time investment

normally $250

What are Clients Say?

"If you are skeptical of the benefits of professionally - led team building, Curtis J Steen Training and Consulting will change your mind! Curtis had our team of leaders growing and learning together within minutes. Blending practical insight and wisdom with fun and humor, Curtis will train your leaders and co-workers to maximize their impact in alignment with the mission and vision of your business, non-profit or organization." -
Jeremy White
Lead Paster, Valley Church