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Curtis J Steen’s passion is helping teams of people and individuals be better!

Through consulting, seminars and workshops, books, videos, newsletters and coaching, Curtis helps individuals be better in their personal and business lives and teams of people work together better, with greater productivity, and less stress.


Leadership Development
Communication Training
Goal Setting
Team Building 
Leadership Training
Living Life Free of Excuses

About Curtis

Curtis knew what he wanted out of life! He had a passionate desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives. He decided he would make that difference through high impact coaching, life changing training workshops, motivational tapes and books and strategic consulting. He has been on T.V., in newspapers and has inspired thousands – and… on his way to millions.

Over 16 years ago, he started his involvement in motivation and leadership development. It always intrigued him why some individuals, and businesses, make it and why other’s can’t seem to get off the ground? Through his need to understand, he started his intense research and built… a step-by-step curriculum (or system) for personal and business transformation and growth.

He is known for his charisma, energy and passion for life. His workshops inspire individuals and businesses to grow by leaps and bounds. He speaks to restaurants, to real estate offices, to investment companies, to financial institutions, to networking groups and many more. Topics range from personal motivation, to change, to living life free of excuses to strategic systems, structure, to communication, team building and marketing.

His greatest joy and life is inspiring individuals to grow and businesses to thrive!


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