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Communication Training

Communication Training Day Details

This communication training workshop will help you and your team develop skills that will improve not only your productivity at work but also strengthen the relationships within the business. The techniques your team will learn are useful and practical and will help any size organization to be more abundantly successful. The managers who attended this workshop reported that the tools they learned in this workshop helped measurably improve their productivity, time management skills and improve their company and department profitability.

You and your team will walk away with a 4-step communication tool that will improve business relationships but also…

  • How to delegate effectively.
  • Management tool that create productive, meaningful and efficient meetings.
  • Understanding the reasons why some people are difficult to deal with and learn the communication techniques that help you get along.
  • Learn a simple and effective tools that help you interact effectively with different personalities.

You and your team will learn how to communication with each temperament style, what motivates each team member. This allows you and your team to create more fulfilling relationships with co-workers.

Additional Information:

This training seminar teaches how to be objective when communicating with others, the importance of understanding the other person needs  and how to connect with their perspective personality types. Your team will learn special techniques when speaking.

When a team can effectively listen to one another and are able to understand each person, then a team will get along better and thus work better together. Furthermore, it is vital that team members are congruent in their communication. A persons words need to match their body language, and if they don’t, overtime it can cause relationship issues. And, finally your team will learn how to speak effectively. Your team will learn the three must-do’s when speaking. Our teachings “stick” and become part of your team’s daily life!