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Personality Assessment

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About This Self-Assessment

What makes understanding your personality type important?

Every person is born with a personality type. We call it a “language.” Four temperaments make up a person’s personality type. Each person is born with a mix of all four, but the one, two or three that are stronger in a person, create that person’s specific “language.”

The problem is, the differences in perspective and behavior of each temperament language, and each temperament mix, can cause difficulties in a team. A team leader understands that there are no right or wrong languages, and places no judgment on a person’s personality type.

In fact, learning how the different temperament languages interact creates a clear understanding of why certain people don’t get along with others, how to solve communication difficulties, even how to better delegate or deal with conflict.

Take this assessment to learn what YOUR language is. Then read the attached material to understand how your personality type will interact with others. A wise leader practices speaking ALL the languages and can connect with anyone.

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